City Hall and Walking Tours

  The Bay County Historical Society offers a variety of tours that highlight Bay County’s history and community. Tickets for public walking tours will be available in Museum Store. Tours for school or private groups may also be arranged. All tours will leave from the Museum lobby. For more information contact Sam Fitzpatrick at (989) 893-5733.

**NOTICE**: At this time due to state and local COVID regulations we have suspended our monthly Friday City Hall tours. Public walking tours are continuing and will be announced in the "Upcoming Events" tab on our website. Walking tours are limited to 50 persons, and we request that participants wear masks and follow recommended social distancing guidelines.

City Hall Tour

Cost:  $1.00/person
Space is limited to first 25 persons

 The Historical Museum offers guided tours of Bay City’s historic City Hall on the second Friday of each month. 
 City Hall Tours and Walking Tours may also be scheduled for private groups. The Museum also offers special curriculum-related programs for school groups.



Downtown Bay City
Architecture Walking Tour 
Cost:  $10.00/person
Space is limited to first 25 persons
  Today just like in Bay City's past, we have a booming downtown. Old buildings filled with charm dot the main streets of Washington, Center and Madison Avenues. Everything that a successful "heart'' of a city needed could be found here: drug stores, markets, clothiers, restaurants, grocers, government offices and entertainment venues. 
 Local architects Pratt & Koeppe left an architectural legacy, and were famous for constructing many of the sites to be seen on the tour. Albert Kahn of Detroit (Fisher Building, Cadillac Place and the Belle Isle Conservatory among others) even had a hand in some designs here. Besides beauty and splendor, the featured buildings also hold stories that shaped our city's and county's history. The tour will share information highlighting the history and importance of these structures.



Hell's Half Mile Walking Tour
 Cost:  $10.00/person
 Space is limited to first 25 persons

  In the late 1800s at the end of the lumbering season, as many as 5000 lumberjacks (“shanty boys”) would collect their hard-earned pay and head for a six-block strip along Bay City’s waterfront called “Hell’s Half Mile.” There they would find a variety of gambling houses, theaters, raucous saloons and brothels, as well as tunnels and catacombs under the city streets---perfect for passage or brawls (or maybe to drag a body out for disposal!)

  The tour will visit Water Street and the surrounding area, and will explore the history of this notorious district with stories of persons who helped give Hell’s Half Mile its fame.