Museum on the Road

Can't get away? Let us bring the museum experience to you! The following programs can be done in your classroom by a trained museum educator.
Program Cost: $30.00 per classroom
(Price break if all grade classrooms have program on the same day) 


Michigan’s Mastodons: An Ice Age Experience

1st/2nd Grade     (Allow 1 hour)    $30.00/classroom*

 Explore Michigan’s Ice Age habitat and learn how mastodons adapted to their harsh environment.  Students will enjoy a story about a mastodon, and discuss the parts of the story along with comparing and contrasting mastodons with their wooly mammoth and elephant cousins.  They will study mammoth and mastodon teeth and discuss why they are different, and create a ‘toothy’ take home project.  Students also practice teamwork and motor skills as they put together a giant 3-D mastodon puzzle.




Pollinators, Plants and People 

2nd Grade     (90 minutes)    $30.00/classroom*

 Did you know that almost 1,000 plants  that we rely on worldwide for food, beverages, medicines and spices require pollinators? Students who participate in this program will gain and understanding of the delicate balance between pollinating insects and their natural environment. By addressing such themes as the life cycles of bees and flowering plants, students will understand how these organisms rely on each other to survive. They will learn how they can act responsibly with the environment, and discuss the consequences of diminished pollinators. We will introduce Myra Parsons, a local pioneer woman who is important in our local history, and one of the area's first bee keepers.

*If more than one classroom participates on the same day we can arrange for a discount. 

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