Artifact Exploration

Artifacts are instrumental in how the Museum tells the history of Bay County.  The galleries contain photographs, documents, and objects that aid the visitor in picturing an event in more detail.  The goal of these activities is to expand the participant's knowledge of an object by looking at and thinking about it in different ways. Copies of these activities are available at the Museum's store or feel free to print them at home/ school.  This is a FREE independent study and available during Museums hours.
Geared towards middle and high school age students.
*Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Object2.jpgTITLE: The Five Themes of Geography
How does looking at objects help us to gain an understanding of culture?  Study an object on display by looking at the five themes of geography - Movement, Region, Human/ Evenvironment Relationships, Location, and Place. Use the form to help you orgranize your ideas.
Print activity sheet: THE FIVE THEMES OF GEOGRAPHY

TITLE: Descriptive Writing Activity
Select an art, photo, or object in the Museum.  Use the activity sheet to sketch the object, list words to describe the object, and write about what it was used for.

TITLE: Drawing Activities
Inspire your artmaking!  Find the objects shown on the activity sheets and explore the art work.  Create your own piece of artwork. 
Print activity sheet: DRAWING ACTIVITIES

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