Online Cemetery Records
Hand-written Records for Green Ridge, Pine Ridge, Seamen and Jewish Cemeteries

Cemetery.jpgPine Ridge Cemetery
Bay City’s oldest cemetery was established in 1858 by Judge James Birney III, and was the first cemetery to officially document burials. Ownership of the cemetery by the Birney family continued until 1900, when it was sold to George W. Ames. Charles C. Cuthbert assumed the position of first superintendent and sexton after the death of Mr. Ames in 1931, a job he held until his death in 1952.

In the years that followed the cemetery became abandoned, and at different times was operated by several organizations and individuals. Today groups like "Friends of Pine Ridge Cemetery" and many dedicated volunteers work to maintain and restore this historic resting place.
Friends of Pine Ridge Cemetery: FACEBOOK PAGE


CemeteryRecords.jpgTranscription Record Project
In 2012 Butterfield Librarian Clara Pasko began the formidable project of transcribing cemetery records from Green Ridge, Pine Ridge, Seamans and Hebrew Cemeteries (1874-1909). In spite of many obstacles she encountered such as faded handwriting, and missing or inaccurate information, Clara has organized the records by year into a database that can be accessed both alphabetically and plot-by-plot.

The project is an ongoing one, and the records will be updated as new data becomes available. Clara is interested in hearing from persons who have more information or questions on burials at these cemeteries. She may be contacted at:


Sexton Records  1874-1909
You will find the most recent compilation of Sexton Records from 1874-1909 on the Sextons Records Page. This is a "work in progress" and records will be updated as more information becomes available.


Other Resources:
These sites are excellent resources for persons seeking birth and death information, or doing genealogical research:

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